Join the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs & Freelancers

To support the full implementation of the Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap 2016 to 2020, we are offering this 10-module (23 topics) mentoring program to MSMEs and Freelancers for free.

With the intention of helping entrepreneurs take their business online.

Here's the learning schedule. Each topic will be a one-hour webinar session from 10 AM to 11 AM.

  1. Introduction to E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, & Freelancing (January 19)
  2. Branding for MSMEs & Freelancers (January 22)
  3. Value Proposition Identification (January 24)
  4. Buyer Persona (January 26)
  5. E-Commerce Website Development (January 29)
  6. Product Photography (January 31)
  7. Website & Blog Content Writing (February 2)
  8. Search Engine Optimization (February 5)
  9. E-Commerce Policies - Data Privacy, Refund, Terms & Conditions (February 10)
  10. Customer Relationship Management (February 15)
  11. E-Commerce Site Management (February 16)
  12. Search Engine Advertising (February 27)
  13. E-Mail Marketing (March 1)
  14. Social Media Presence (March 3)
  15. Social Media Content Creation (March 5)
  16. Social Media Calendar & Scheduling (March 8)
  17. Social Media Advertising (March 17)
  18. Social Media Campaign (March 20)
  19. Freelancer Business Model (March 22)
  20. Freelancer Profile Creation (March 23)
  21. Freelancer Service Proposal & Pricing (March 27)
  22. Freelancer Interview Guide (March 28)
  23. Freelancer Client Management Guide (March 31)

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E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs

Module 4: CRM & Email Follow-Through

Module 3: Content Planning

Module 5: Online Payments

Module 6: Online Sales Promotions, Data Privacy Law, Consumer Protection on E-Commerce

Module 7: Content Writing

Module 8: Search Engine Optimization

Module 9: Social Media Marketing

Module 10: E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Analytics

The first edition of this series took place last December 2016 - January 2017. We are running another one to update our materials. This time, we are including topics to help out aspiring freelancers.